Mascot design Portfolio Andrew TowlIllustration and Design solutions
by Andrew Towl

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Mascots and avatars are my specialty!

Based on caricatures, animals, or just an idea in your head. I can help you make a vibrant caracter that will inhance your web presence, catch peoples eye on the side of a vehicle or brighten up a business card.

Its me!

The Mascot for inkiv:)
Just having a little fun.

FastTrax Mascot Bingo


Mascot done for the
Fasttrax Hotdog food stand.


Avatars for


Avatars done for


Mascot For Sapo Score Keeper APP and Game

Sapo Mascot and Logo

done for
Sapo app and

No Geeks Mascot

No Geeks Mascot

Mynetworkplace Van


Squidbot Mascot


designed for flier


Snowman Mascot

Frosty the Shaved Ice

mascot done for Christmans card.

Cappy the Social Capper Mascot

Cappy the Social capper

Mascot done for


Yard Monkey Mascot

Yard Monkey

Mascot done for Yardmonkeys Lawncare



Hotwired Hotbots Mascot

Hot Bots

Mascots done for Hotwired flier